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Audrey Cibel

My name is Audrey Cibel and I am a self taught craft and textile artist with a degree in photography and image making mediums from New York University. My work maps my spiritual revelations through slow time based mediums like analog photography and textile craft art. Processes repeated with an open spirit and activated body opens a portal, a flow state in communication and harmony with creativity. I meditate while I craft whether its illustrating, developing film, stitching a rug, printing with photosensitive materials, or sculpting fabric. I contemplate an image through replicating and translating it into other manifestations. It becomes a mantra from digital image to a physical print to a textured tangible rug or weaving. I aspire to create art that allows the viewer to contemplate the clarity within the temple of their minds. As a current resident at the Textile Art Center, I am hand making these temples as an immersive body of work like an altar to the vehicle of our bodies and minds. 


Textile Arts Center Artist In Residency 2023- Present 




Stoneridge: High School Photography, Maryland

Stone Ridge Fall Student Art Show 2018 & 2019- First and Second Place

Thomas Hoy Photography Award 2018 & 2019- First Place

Landon School Art Show 2018- Second Place

Tuft Con, Bok Building Philadelphia- March 26, 2023

La Mama Family Show 2022 & 2023

NYU PhotoThesis Exhibition 2023 

'Every Woman Biennial' 2024: I Will Always Love You

'The Shape of Play' Textile Arts Center 2024


NYU PhotoThesis Exhibition 2023 

'The Shape of Play' Textile Arts Center 2024


Textile Arts Center Cycle 15 Artist in Residence 2023-2024 

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